Donations in Solidarity 


There is something exciting about people pooling their resources and making joint decisions on how to better their communities.

This year has already advanced important milestones, breakthroughs, and partnerships that are creating the necessary momentum, traction, dialogue, and hope that is shaping a new narrative for African-American and Latinx communities in Asheville and Western North Carolina. Your donation will help to support our unrestricted grants for grassroots, change-making leaders of color in Asheville and Western North Carolina.

We ask that you take a moment to read CoThinkk’s solidarity statement titled: This Moment:  CoThinkks details our collective efforts, and unapologetically states our demands for our community. 


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Thank you for your generous donation in solidarity with CoThinkk as we re-imagine our future collectively! By working together CoThinkk is able to send more funds into community needs. Your contribution to CoThinkk will be processed through Stripe by our fiscal agent, Eagle Market Street Development Corporation CDC. Your statement will show a transaction with Eagle Market Street in the amount of your contribution. Please enter the amount you wish to contribute in the box below. We appreciate your contribution! Your generosity allows CoThinkk to support organizations working to create just and sustainable communities.

Aditional Ways to Donate

You can also mail a check made out to Eagle Market Street Development Corporation at 70 South Market St. Asheville NC 28801 (our fiscal agent) and in the memo line write in “CoThinkk”

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“This bloom, is the moment when we explicitly state that black lives matter, and racism, structural inequities, and oppression will no longer be tolerated;

This bloom, is the moment when black and brown bodies will no longer be devalued, where it becomes unacceptable for oppression, discrimination, and genocide of whole communities;

This bloom, is the moment when the entire world is watching and understands that this is both a civil rights and human rights issue;

This bloom, is the moment when the beauty, strength, and courageousness of our young people is shining through, serving as a catalyst for change;

This bloom, is the moment in American history that is compelling us to raise our vibrations and  intentionally calling us into something bigger than ourselves;

This bloom, is the moment when our courage, energy and intentionality becomes a seamless lens for movements, actions, choice points and  language;

This bloom, is the moment when momentum shifts our everyday narrative, mental models, conversations, policy and actions across multiple generations through the fabric of our communities, institutions and walk;

This bloom, is a pivotal moment  when excuses, short memories, erased and rewritten narratives will not be tolerated; 

This bloom, is a pivotal moment when  we won’t go back to a normal that wasn’t working; and 

This bloom is the moment when  collectively, systemic racism is rooted out and systems are interrupted and re-imagined..this is about the future, about what’s to come.”