From Stretching To Game Changers

By Tracey Greene Washington

2018 has been an incredible year of moving from a posture of stretching to grappling with the meaning and posture of being a game changer. A game changer is a person that is intentionally, actively, and constantly working to align their values with their actions, while solidly anchoring themselves in their individual faith, higher calling, and desired state to move from success to significance.

2018 was an amazing year of self discovery, continued growth, deepened relationships, and impactful work. Embracing this posture of “game changer” has allowed the opportunity to create new models, tools, and processes, move critical initiatives, embrace lessons learned, and gain clarity regarding leadership, collaboration, non-negotiables, and role(s) in leading and facilitating critical social change.

This year has allowed the intentional space to grapple with really hard questions of alignment, impact, and the juxtaposition of gifts/talents and the unwavering desire to model compassionate leadership, transparency, vulnerability, active listening, flexibility, patience and urgency towards addressing complex issues of equity, systems change, ecosystems of change, thriving, and hard discussions towards shifting narratives, sharing power, and transformation.

As I close out the year, I can only express how grateful I am! As I transition from my role as the Director of Special Initiatives at the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, I’m excited about the next phase of my career as I move into 2019! This journey will be one that presents amazing opportunities that deepen my work, transformative, bold, allows for rest/reset when needed, and amplifies initiatives/organizations working at the intersection of community economic development, education, and health and well-being.

I challenge us all to be a game changer in 2019…this is a necessary and bold posture that we must all embrace at this critical moment in our state and nation. I look forward to supporting other game changers in 2019 that are committed to supporting resilient and thriving communities. Much gratitude, love and appreciation!

Tracey Greene-Washington