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CoThinkk is a giving circle, led by African-American and Latinx leaders, that is designed to bring together community leaders who care about the economic and social well-being of communities of color in Asheville and Western North Carolina. CoThinkk started in 2014 with the goal to utilize our collective time, talent, and treasure towards investment strategies that address education, economic mobility/opportunity, and leadership development towards impacting some of the most critical social issues facing African-American & Latinx communities in Asheville and Western NC.

Long-Term Impact:

CoThinkk efforts are focused on achieving the following long-term outcomes:

Goal #1: Leadership Development:

1a: Engage and sustain leadership across racial and generational lines that supports network building, healing within and across racial lines, establishing new collaborative partnerships, and supporting organizations that provide capacity for community change in the current and future social and economic environment of the region; 1b:Build and strengthen a leadership pipeline of African-American and Latinx individuals that focuses on social change for the greater Asheville and Western North Carolina region and share social, political, intellectual, and cultural capital towards a collective change agenda for the region;

1c: Create and support new leadership opportunities within traditional and nontraditional institutions in Asheville and Western North Carolina, while (1) building new alliances that focus on issues unique to communities of color and (2) enabling a culturally sensitive support system to assist leaders of color as they navigate new tables, spaces, and relationships; and

1d: Build the capacity of leaders of colors to serve in important roles within Asheville and Western North Carolina and build an intentional community engagement strategy that is focused on equity, inclusiveness, and diversity.

Goal #2: Collaboration:

2a: Build strong collaborations that work across racial and generational lines that have the ability to cultivate a strong philanthropic infrastructure that supports innovative strategies and initiatives;

2b: Create opportunities for co-learning, volunteering, and the use of collective intelligence, social, political, and economic capital as a means to align agendas and activities towards social good; and 2c. Build capacity of allies to support and shore up community-driven strategies lead by leaders of color

Goal #3: Movement-Building:

3a: Recruit, train, and build trust with leaders of color and community allies to participate in the collective initiatives that are positioned to develop and implement a comprehensive community change agenda and build strong alliances and collaborations;

3b: Support and build the capacity and infrastructure for creative social entrepreneurship organizations and initiatives that are seeded and led by leaders and communities of color to address key community issues; and

3c: Create a long-term agenda that is focused on moving the needle around issues that are prioritized by giving circle members, support capacity building, and encourage civic engagement, movement-building, and systems-level impact.

Goal #4: Systems-Level Change: (Narrative & Generational)

4a: Begin to build public will to lead strategies and align efforts towards generational impact and innovation;

4b: Create a 10-20 year agenda that focused on moving the needle around issues prioritized by giving circle members;

4c: Continue to shift the distribution of local/regional funding for communities of color and color led initiatives; and

4d: Shift the regional narrative/conversation about leaders of color.