Who We Are

CoThinkk is dedicated to social change philanthropy by bringing together community leaders who care about the economic and social well-being of communities of color in Asheville and Western North Carolina.

CoThinkk envisions the following long-term impact:

Shifted Regional Landscape:

  • Change the economic, health, education, and poverty narrative for communities of color in Asheville and the surrounding region;
  • Create a paradigm shift that inspires a new picture of resilience for communities of color in Asheville and Western NC.

Strong Leadership Development/ Generational Impact:

  • Build and strengthen a leadership pipeline of African-American and Latinx individuals that are focused on social change for Asheville and Western NC;
  • Create and support new leadership opportunities within traditional and nontraditional institutions in Asheville while building new alliances to focus on issues unique to communities of color;
  • Build the capacity of leaders of colors to serve in important roles within the region and build an intentional community engagement strategy that is focused on inclusivity, equity, and diversity.


  • Build strong collaborations that work across racial and generational lines;
  • Cross sector collaboration and shared/aligned agendas;
  • Create opportunities for co-learning, volunteering, and using social, political, and economic capital as means to align agendas and activities towards social good.

Our Values

Collective Work/Responsibility/Purpose: We value collective action and shared power that bridges silos and taps into underutilized human, social, political and institutional capital.
Create Safe Community Gathering: We value trust building that creates non-judgmental spaces that are inclusive and equitable and lead to active and long-term engagement for greater impact.
Resource Development for Groups & Individuals: We value connecting people of color to resources that accelerates equitable outcomes.
Systems & Policy Change: We value and promote civic education and seek to create strategies to help change the patterns of local/regional institutional practices that impede equitable outcomes.
Education (Children & Youth): We value cultivating the energy, passion, and talents of the next generation to create an essential pipeline of leaders
Local: We value and support local economic mobility for communities for color.

Tracey Greene-Washington, Founder
Dewayne Barton
Bettie Council
Darcel Eddins
Lesley Gaspar
Kelly Goins
Joe Greene
Yvette Jives

Libby Kyles
Sarah Nunez
Sheneika Smith
Stephanie Swepson-Twitty
Edmund Washington
Ami Worthen
Ramona Young