Our brilliant founder and thought-provider, Tracey Greene-Washington wrote an article about CoThinkk for WNC Woman Magazine published September 2018.


What if giving circles could offer an intriguing possibility for creating a new paradigm of resilience and thriving for African American and Latinx communities facing staggering economic, housing, health and poverty statistics in a part of the state where communities of color account for a relatively small portion of the total population? 


  • Create multiple entry points for individuals, organizations and sectors to be engaged.
  • Promote intentional dialogue and discussion.
  • Acknowledge we all have gifts to contribute, which allows for a process that is solution focused and encourages members to show up as their best selves.
  • Cultivate collective thinking from diverse partners to deepen analysis, build investment and strengthen collaboration and deliver our best results.


Our model is grounded in trust building and authentic collaboration, through intentional space for monthly meetings, bi-yearly retreats, fellowship and covenant between/among members.


Connecting leaders of color to resources: $28k given in grants last year, $36k this year at our annual event Standing In We: Rooted in Collaboration. “CoThinkk Breakdown” where we identify local/regional funding opportunities and streamline their application process into simple steps. In 2016-2017 this process resulted in over $60k back into community for innovative projects.


Build capacity of leaders through strengthening alliances and collaborations. We completed the pilot leadership series: “The CoThinkk BluePrint,” 17 African American and Latinx leaders graduated and formed partnerships.


Shifting resources and power dynamics is our strategy. Changing the narrative around the lack of leaders of color: Annual Event provides a visible platform to acknowledge powerful leaders. We have honored 14 leaders and highlighted 29 others in the past two years.

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